UCB Secure Emails

Online Logins

How to send secure emails with United Community Bank:

If you already used our new Mimecast secure email Click Here to Login

Haven’t used our new secure email server yet? We’ll get you signed up!

How to sign up for UCB Secure Email:

  1. Send an email to ucbsecure@ucbankmn.com and you will immediately receive an email with instructions to create your account.  You should receive an auto generated reply within a few minutes like this:

sent message

2. Once you have received the email, click Create a Password and set up your information.

 new password

3. Once you create a password, you will be redirected to our Mimecast Secure Email login screen. Enter your new login credentials.

log in screen

4. Once you’ve logged in you can click “Compose” to send your secure email.

*Note- you you will need to type in email address for the UCB employee you are working with!

how to properly send a secure email with United Community Bank.

Resetting or changing your UCB Mimecast Secure Email password.

  1. At the login screen enter your email address.

log in

2. Choose the Forgot Password option.

new password

3. Verify your email address is entered correctly and choose Reset Password.


4. If you had an account set up you will receive this email, click the link to reset your password.

new message