What are the steps to building a home?

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How can I get started with building a home?

Are you thinking about building a home? Building a home can be a huge undertaking but can have some substantial rewards. Things like picking a floorplan, brand new everything, and its made to your specifications! Ready to get started? Start by getting preapproved today!

Where to start?

How do you get started with the home building process? It’s actually pretty easy! We have 4 steps for you to follow so your construction financing runs smooth and easy!

  1. Create a budget with a UCB Lender.
  2. Meet with local builders.
  3. Create your dream house.
  4. Make sure everything you want fits your budget.

That’s it! A simple 4 step plan and you could be off and running with your dream house! Of course challenges will come up, but that’s why you have UCB! We are here to help and to inform you, wherever we can!

Ready to start?

If this is your year to build, let UCB help! If you have more questions or are ready to start the process, reach out to Jen Hendrickson at United Community Bank today!