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Check Collection

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Businesses with a UCB checking or savings account qualify for our free check collection service. CheckmarcUSA eliminates the time trying to chase down bad check writers, so business owners can concentrate on business, not collections.

Benefits to merchants:

  • Outsource dishonored check recovery to experts
  • Receive 100% of face value of funds recovered
  • It’s free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my business use Checkmarc?

  • Outsource dishonored check recovery to experts.
  • Receive 100% of the face value of funds recovered.
  • Keep up with our activity via notifications and through our secure Web portal.
  • It’s FREE!

How does Checkmarc recover returned items?

We electronically process and attempt to recover all dishonored items. We then submit recovered funds via direct deposit through the ACH network.

Is Checkmarc effective?

Yes. Historically, statistics show our recovery rates for some merchants increase as much as 60%, resulting in an overall recovery rate of 80% to 85% for NSF checks.

Does Checkmarc provide both electronic check re-presentment and traditional recovery?

Yes. If electronic check re-presentment is unsuccessful for a dishonored item, we provide traditional recovery methods, which include registered letters, telephone calls and listings on national negative databases.

How will Checkmarc send notifications that a check has been returned?

When a dishonored item is entered to our system, an automated fax or email notification is sent. The status of any dishonored item in our system may be followed through our secure Web portal. This includes images and status for each item in our recovery process.