We've updated our digital banking and mobile app!

New features include:
  • control debit card on/off
  • manage your spending with the personal finance tool
  • same look across mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • store pictures of warranties and receipts with transaction
  • and so much more!

Logging In for the First Time


Please note the following changes on the new system:

  • Money Market Savings is now considered a Checking Account
  • Health Savings Account is now considered a Checking Account
  • Only accounts you have primary and secondary ownership over will display below. If you need access to an account you are an authorized signer on please contact us at 218-346-5700 to request that access.
  • Safe deposit boxes do not show on the new digital banking. If you would like to view that product online please contact us at 218-346-5700 to request that.
  • The account type description does not automatically show (i.e. Emerge Checking, Moola Savings, HELOC, etc.). You can drill into each account for more detail or set up account nicknames by clicking on your name at the top > Preferences > Rename Accounts.


Your new digital banking menu:

View Accounts: 

Here you can view account balances and transaction history on your accounts.

Move Money:

Here you can transfer money between UCB accounts, pay bills, and pay other people.

Deposit Checks:

(Feature only available within the app) Here you can deposit checks using the camera on your phone and view previous deposits.

Manage Cards:

View all of your debit and ATM cards and easily turn them on/off if lost or stolen.

Find Locations:

Here you can view all UCB branches as well as access a fee-free ATM finder


Here you can send a secure message to the bank by creating a "Support Request" and check responses. You can also update your contact information by submitting a Form.

Manage Alerts:

Here you can set up custom alerts to receive via email or by text.


Here you can see you recent login activity.


Here you can view your account statements and notices.