Shazam Bolt$

Free to any customer with a UCB debit or ATM card, Shazam Bolt$ allows you to:

  • Turn card on/off in case of loss or theft
  • Control card transactions (i.e. block over a certain dollar amount, block transactions outside the US, or block internet/phone purchases)
  • View balance information for a primary account attached to the card
  • Set up and receive transaction alerts for any of the above parameters
  • Receive suspected fraud alerts


You can register at either or download the app (search “Shazam Bolt$) to get started. To create an account you will need to select New Mobile Card User , enter your debit card number, then complete the guided set-up.

You will need to register your device via a phone call from 800.524.0408; they will ask you to type in your debit card’s PIN number then press #. After the PIN is validated your screen should refresh automatically and allow you to continue.


Shazam Bolt$ screenshot of website and mobile app enrollment page

Shazam Bolt$

Alert Icon

Want to know whenever your card is used for a purchase over $50?

Set up a custom alert within Shazam Bolt$!

You will also receive notices of attempted charges that were blocked.