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Dear Customers:

As you may have heard, big things are coming.

On April 23, 2018, we are continuing our commitment to our customers by taking our entire technology system to the next level. 

The biggest change you will experience is a complete upgrade of our digital banking platform. Some key improvements include:

  • a seamless user experience regardless of which device it is access on (mobile, desktop, or tablet)
  • more user friendly and overall improved functionality
  • more options for customers who prefer to do their business online

If you are not currently utilizing online or mobile banking, I encourage you to enroll when the new system goes live.

In a few weeks you will receive in the mail our 2018 Transformation Guide. This will contain very important information related to the technology transformation--including actions we are asking you to take and when. Please be on the look out for that mailing, and make sure everyone who receives the mailing at your household gets the information they need. You can also check back here for a link to the Transformation Guide .

This transformation is a big endeavor for us that we have dedicated two years worth of research into, with innovation and security being of utmost importance. We look forward to making this change to provide you with a cutting edge digital banking experience.


Charlie Cavanagh


Actions for You

It is very important that we have updated contact information (address, email, cell phone, etc.) in case we need to contact you regarding our upcoming transformation. Watch this helpful tutorial on how to easily update your contact information at the bank:

Tutorials for the New Digital Banking (Live April 23)

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming technology transformation and all of the benefits for you!

If you have questions, please call us at 218-346-5700.