Digital Banking 101

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With everything that is happening, in person banking has drastically reduced. United Community Bank still operates drive up services, but coming into the bank to ask questions and perform transactions, is now by appointment only. Customers have adapted, and so have we. One area where people can further reduce their interactions is with online digital banking.


laptop on desk showing United Community Bank digital banking website


At United Community Bank we are very proud of our digital banking platform and we hope you can find it to be a powerful tool for personal finances.

What can I do with Digital Banking:

Open New Accounts:

  • Whether it’s a checking or a savings account you can now create, name, fund, and open new accounts online. The process only takes a few minutes and can be done on a phone, tablet, or personal computer. Want to open a new account? Give it a try today!

View Accounts:

  • The simplest, most useful application of online banking. With online banking you never have to guess how much is in your account. The balance shown is always up to date and adjusts with every purchase or deposit you make. Another great tool is you can save an image to a transaction so you can track receipts or warranties!

Move Money:

  • Another great resource is the ability to move money from one account to another. Maybe you are a little low on cash in your checking account and need some money from your savings? Done. Just select which UCB account you want to move the money to and from and never worry about overdrawing your account again.

Deposit Checks:

  • Another great feature is the ability to deposit individual checks into an account. Whether it’s a payroll check or a check from your aunt. As long as you can take a picture, you can deposit your money into your accounts.

Bill Pay:

  • Being able to pay bills on time every time can be easier said than done. Setting up bill pay eliminates the need to make sure you pay the electric bill on the 16th, gas bill on the 20th, and the cable bill on the 28th. Simply schedule one time or recurring payments and how much you need to pay each month. Never miss a payment again!


  • Having a hard time setting something up or want to communicate with a personal banker? You no longer need to call the bank, just message us! Send a secure message to the bank by creating a “Support Request” and check responses. You can also update your contact information by submitting a form.
Hand holding phone showing main menu of UCB digital banking app

Banking is easier today than it has ever been. Don’t bother with a trip to the bank if you don’t have to. A full list of everything that can be done with digital banking can be found here!