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Out of Band Authentication

Online Logins
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Out-of-Band Authentication (OOBA) is an additional security layer to validate your login to UCB’s digital banking. You can select to receive a phone call, text message, or mobile app push to approve your login.



  1. Once we have enabled for OOBA, sign in to digital banking like normal at www.ucbankmn.com or through your mobile app.
  2. Now you will be required to begin setup. Click on the “Let’s Get Started” button that appears.
  3. First you will be prompted to add a device to your profile (if you haven’t already). Enter your phone number and the nickname of the device you wish to associate with it. (If you set up multiple phone numbers on your profile for OOBA use, the nicknames will display in a drop down list for easy reference.)
  4. Then it will ask if you’d like a text or call to confirm the number you just entered.
  5. Now you will enter the code you received via text or phone call and click VERIFY DEVICE to continue. Never share this code with anyone!
  6. Now every time you login you will be asked to verify your login with either a mobile app push, text, or phone call.

To use DUO MOBILE (Optional)

  1. Here you can enroll in the app Duo Mobile to log in quicker (it will send you a push notification to your cell phone to accept/deny login instead of having to key in a code). You can skip the Duo Mobile setup by clicking “SKIP THIS STEP” at the bottom of the screen, and then your set-up will now complete.
  2. If you selected the “USE DUO MOBILE” option you will receive a text message with directions. Click the “Download Mobile App” link.
  3. This will take you to the app store. Click to allow the link to open, then download the Duo Mobile app.
  4. Once installed, go back to the text message and click on “Activate the DUO MOBILE APP” link which opens the Duo Mobile app. Now you will agree to allow push notifications. Once you agree you will see the UCB listing at the top of the screen. Now go back to your UCB app or login.
  5. OOBA and Duo Mobile setup are now complete. You can choose to add another device or to “Complete Setup.” If the user chooses to “Add Another Device” they will prompted to complete steps 7-10 again on that device.
  6. Now every time you login you will be asked to verify your login with either a mobile app push (if opted into Duo Mobile), text, or phone call.

Bypassing OOBA

By selecting “Remember This Device” on your login screen you can bypass the OOBA requirement for future logins on that device. It is device specific, so if you select Remember Device on your phone in the app, it will still require OOBA on any other device (i.e. your office computer, etc.). If you clicked “Remember This Device” but would like to again be prompted for a code, please call us and we can reset your OOBA requirement.