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Budgeting 101

budgeting 101

Are you ready to learn how to budget? We are excited to partner with Elevate OTC to bring Budgeting 101 to you! This course will help set you up so you’re not worried about making it to the end of the month! Our goal is to share basic budgeting tips that everyone can use, no […]

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April is Community Banking Month

The Power of Reinvesting in Our Community Reinvesting in your community sounds great, but how does one really put that into action? If you’ve ever wondered if it matters where you deposit your hard-earned money, let me assure you it does. Not only does banking locally support small businesses (community banks fund more than 60% […]

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New Construction Road Map

Building Your Dream Home: A Roadmap for Building your Dream Home Congratulations! You’re embarking on an exciting journey – building your dream home! This might feel overwhelming, especially for first-time builders. But fear not! Here’s a roadmap to guide you through the process, keeping you on the well-worn path and away from misinformation. Here is […]

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National Ag Week

Staying True to Rural America Many community banks have been serving farmers for more than a century because they understand the essential role the agricultural community plays in supporting our nation’s food supply and bolstering our economy. United Community Bank is proud to have worked with local farmers for over 113 years! In fact, 7 […]

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3 reasons to get preapproved for a mortgage!

Why Pre-Approval is Your Key into your First Home. So why exactly is pre-approval Your Key to the First Home Door? Let’s get it unpacked and  the secrets: Know Your Power (Budget): Picture this – you stumble into your ideal home, only to realize it’s way out of your league. Pre-approval solves that mystery by […]

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