June 2020

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So, you want a home? Down Payments

down payment

So, you want buy a home? Options for when you don’t have a down payment. One problem that arises in the home buying process is the down payment. Generally, the down payment is 20% of the of the purchase price. If you buy a home at $200,000, you would have to have a down payment […]

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So you want to own a home? Preapproval


Getting Preapproved: Buying a home is a complicated process. First you have to get your credit in line, save for a down payment, hire a realtor, get preapproved for a mortgage; all before you step foot in a home! What is often overlooked is the importance of getting preapproved for a mortgage. Getting preapproved means […]

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So you want to own a house: Establishing Credit

Establishing and building credit is the first step to owning a home! We have already gone over what your credit score is and how to repair your credit score. What we haven’t discussed is how to build credit. Building credit isn’t rocket science. When you build credit, you are building trustworthiness and creating a ledger […]

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Saving for an Emergency Fund

emergency fund

I’m sure the thought of creating a savings account has crossed your mind ONCE in the past year. Opening a savings account is an easy process and if you already have a UCB checking account, the process takes just a few minutes. The bigger question is why would you want to open a savings account? […]

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So you want to own a house: repairing your credit score

repairing credit

Improving your credit score can mean a number of things, especially if you want to own a home! Having good credit is attainable and the easiest way to attain it is by not letting your score dip. It is immeasurably harder to repair your score then to maintain your score. Things do happen, and if […]

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