July 2020

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What to know about shredding

shred day

Shred Day Frazee 2023 is on September 12th! It’s everyone’s favorite piece of mail. The monthly bank statement! When was the last time you opened up that statement? If you have digital banking odds are you look at your balance way more often and you don’t need to have them mailed to you every month. […]

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Historic Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates this week did something that was unprecedented. They went below 3.00% for a 30 year mortgage! That has never happened! It is a first for Fannie Mae who has been tracking mortgage rates for nearly 50 years. That makes what happened an extremely rare development.  What this means With rates at historic lows […]

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Home repair loan options

Figuring out ways to improve your home can be a challenge. First you have to decide is it a project you can do on your own, do you need to contract it out? Next how do you afford it? Luckily United Community Bank has plenty of options to help you finance your new dream addition, […]

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Tax Day: July 15th

A midsummer tax day is something we never would have guessed back in January but here we are! Tax day is coming in one week! Tax day this year falls on July 15th! Whether you filed your taxes already, or have decided to wait, tax day has an effect on all of us. Here are […]

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