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Text Banking

Online Logins
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To utilize text banking, you need to first be enrolled in digital banking.


  1. Log into digital banking, open the full menu, and click on the top where it says WELCOME (NAME). This will bring up your My Profile menu. Then select Phone.
  2. Select Add new mobile device and enter your information. Hit Add Device.
  3. Once added, click VIEW NEW DEVICE.
  4. Click the SMS button to send yourself a verification text. Enter in the code, and now your phone is verified and activated.
  5. Click to turn on SMS Text Banking, then click the arrow to pull up the Text Banking options.
  6. You will then be able to edit access to specific accounts.
  7. Click the arrow to the right to edit nicknames and view further instructions.
  8. You are now set up and ready to go! You can text any code below to 662265.


SMS Account Options

  • BAL (returns default account)
  • BAL ALL (returns all accounts)
  • BAL [nickname] (returns alias account)
  • ACT (returns activity default account)
  • ACT [nickname] (returns activity alias account)
  • CMD (returns short list of commands)
  • HELP (provides a phone number for support)