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With our digital banking access for consumers and business, you’ll enjoy the convenience of banking anywhere, anytime. View accounts, transfer money, pay bills, pay other people (P2P), deposit checks, manage your debit card, message the bank, manage alerts, view statements, and more all from the convenience of your computer or phone. You can also set up optional security features like Out of Band Authentication, PIN login, Face ID or Touch ID (on eligible devices).

What can I do in digital banking?

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View Accounts:
View account balances and transaction history on your accounts. You can also save an image to a transaction—a great way to store receipts or warranty information! Also on this page you can access the MyMoney budgeting tool, allowing you to set goals and watch spending. Learn more about MyMoney tools >

Move Money:
Transfer money between UCB accounts, pay bills with our Bill Pay service, and pay other people with our free Person-to-Person (P2P) service.

Schedule your activity:
Have your debit card active only when your active. Create a schedule so your debit card is never active when you aren’t using it.

Deposit Checks:
(Feature only available within the app) Deposit checks using the camera on your phone and view previous deposits with our mobile deposit feature.

Manage Cards:
View all of your debit cards and easily turn them on/off if lost or stolen.

Real time transaction alerts:
Receive email, text or both after every transaction. Always know when your card is used and for how much in real time.

New Pin:
Think it’s time for a new pin? Reset your pin without calling the bank or standing at an ATM.

Find Locations:
View all UCB branches as well as access a fee-free ATM finder.

Send a secure message to the bank by creating a “Support Request” and check responses. You can also update your contact information by submitting a Form.

Manage Alerts:
Set up custom banking alerts to receive via email or by text.

See your recent login activity.

Enroll in and view your account statements and notices. E-statements are free, secure, and fast.

hand holding phone with Digital Banking App Profile Settings on the screen

You can also access your profile settings by clicking on your name on the top of the full menu.

Set up your cell phone here to be able to receive text alerts and/or to enroll in text banking.

Verify or change your email address here for account alerts and other notifications.

Bill Pay Profile:
If you’ve already enrolled in our bill pay service, you will see options under Bill Pay Profile to update your contact information or change which account your payments come out of.

Change your username, password, or your security questions. If you are using our app and your device has the ability, you will also have login options here that you can choose from such as Face ID, touch ID, PIN, or auto login (check your phone’s settings to enable). We also offer Out of Band Authentication (OOBA).

Here you can reorder your accounts, rename accounts, hide accounts from your view, and hide dashboard tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for digital banking?

Enroll now at Please note that our self-enrollment form uses Out-of-Wallet questions to confirm your identity. If you are under 18, do not have credit history, or if you are setting up access for a business or group, please call us at 218-346-5700 to get set up.

How do I check that my browser is compatible with digital banking?

To check if your browser is up-to-date and compatible with our digital banking, visit

How do I sign up for e-statements?

To sign up for e-statements and no longer receive a paper statement, you can head to the Documents tab. A pop-up will appear with a message at the top. Click on the link for turning e-statements on for specific accounts. This will bring up our e-statement enrollment form. Complete and submit. To finish, head back to Documents > Statements and agree to statement terms and conditions (if not done already).

How do I print/view statements?

Head to Documents > Statements. Agree to statement terms and conditions (if not done already). Click the floppy disk icon to download the statement as a PDF. Open downloaded PDF to print or save.

How do I turn my debit card on/off?

Go to the tab Manage Cards and select the card you’d like to modify. Click ON/OFF to change the card’s status.

How do I transfer money to one of my other accounts?

Go to the Move Money tab, select the lime green button NEW TRANSACTION, select a from account, and then a to account. You will then be prompted to enter transfer details (amount, frequency, note, etc.). Continue, then SUBMIT.


How do I transfer money to a friend?

You can send money to friends and family using our free P2P service (funds sent to recipient’s debit card), or through our bill pay service (can choose to mail them a check or send electronically with bank account information).

How do I send money via P2P?

Learn more about our P2P service

How do I deposit a check?

  1. Endorse check and write “For mobile deposit only, Account # _______” below signature
  2. Log in to your UCB app
  3. Head to the Deposit Checks tab on the menu
  4. Take a photo of the front and back of the check
  5. Type in dollar amount
  6. Choose the account to deposit into
  7. Tap Review > Submit or Repair

Learn more about mobile deposit

How do I make a loan payment?

Go to the Move Money tab, select the lime green button NEW TRANSACTION, select a from account, and then a to account. You will then be prompted to enter transfer details (amount, frequency, note, etc.). Continue, then SUBMIT.

How do I pay my bills online?

  1. Select Move Money from the main menu
  2. Enroll in bill pay (if not already)
  3. Click the plus sign on the Payees section to add new payee
  4. Enter your bill information
  5. Choose how much and when
  6. Schedule payment!

Learn more about bill pay

Is the mobile banking app safe?

Yes, the Mobile Banking App is safe and secure. To ensure the safety and privacy of your account information, we provide some key security features such as: · Authentication – you are authenticated for every interaction with Mobile Banking App. · Encryption – we use 128-bit encryption for all transactions. · Data storage – no identifiable personal information is stored on your mobile device.

What can I do to keep my Mobile device safe?

It is important to keep your mobile device updated and secure. Consider the following: · Operating Systems and Firmware versions – it is recommended that you stay current with Operating System updates and Firmware updates. Performing updates on your devices provides you with the latest software enhancements to assist with keeping your device safe and secure. · Locking your device – enabling the locking features on your mobile device. Features such as PIN protection or Touch-ID protection provides an additional layer of security to keep your device safe and secure.

How do I rename my accounts?

To rename account you will need to go into your profile settings. Click your name at the top, then Preferences, and Rename Accounts.

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