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Why Use MyMoney?

MyMoney gives you financial control and saves you time and money all within your UCB digital banking account. You’ll know where your money goes, how much you are saving, and be able to set goals and track progress. Plus you can sync accounts with nearly 20,000 financial institutions!

  • Get your complete financial picture.
  • Tag transactions to understand spending habits.
  • Make informed choices with the cash flow calendar.
  • Visually track your progress, reach financial goals quicker and easier.
  • Stay informed with account alerts.
  • Monitor total assets and debt for up-to-date net worth.



UCB MyMoney Add Account

MyMoney Accounts
View external accounts (such as checking/savings accounts at other institutions, credit cards, investment accounts, and more) here to monitor their balances, all within your UCB digital banking. To add an external account simply click on the plus (+) icon on the top of the View Accounts page on the top banner that says My Accounts.

Please note, if while you’re attempting to add an account you don’t see the financial institution you’re looking for, this is because some banks may not be registered with the Geezeo™ PFM tool. To request this, simply contact your institution directly.



UCB MyMoney Our Goal, Making Yours Happen



UCB MyMoney Add Goal

Goals Tile

Visually tracking your financial goals can help you take control and makes reaching your goals much quicker and easier. You can choose from preset goals such as paying off a credit card, saving for a baby, or saving for college or create custom savings goals. Then choose your completion date, monthly payment you’ll make, and an account you’d like to track it from.

Keep in mind, your Goal Summary at the bottom of the page will update your completion date and the amount needed per month according to your preferences in the form.

Goals will automatically update your progress and will reflect your day-to-day account balances in MyFinances.



UCB MyMoney Net Worth

Net Worth Tile
Track your assets vs liabilities in this simple net worth graph viewable at 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month increments. You can also drill into this tile and add external assets and liabilities not connected to MyMoney.







UCB Budget Tile

Budget Tile
Use the budget tile to monitor and track your spending out of your UCB accounts. Set any number of preset or custom budgets, then establish a monthly limit and select the accounts from which you’d like the transactions tracked. Digital banking will attempt to categorize or tag transactions automatically for you (i.e. groceries, entertainment, etc.) but you will need to review your transactions and add or correct tags as needed. Simply click on the transaction and to add or change the category field.

Budgets in MyFinances will always run from the first to the last day of each month. Spending Targets are automatically color-coded based on your spending progress.



Each of the tiles can easily be expanded (highly encouraged on a mobile device) by clicking the three stacked dots on the top right of the tile name.

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