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What you need to know about scams.


The pandemic is still going, and with the increase in digital banking, online shopping, and online correspondence we have seen in increase in fraud and attempts and to steal someone’s online identity. Below are tips to stay safe from online hackers and fraud attempts on your identity. The article was originally published on January 12th, […]

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Economic Impact Payment FAQ (updated March 15th, 2021)


For more information on your Economic Impact Payment status or if you have questions on your eligibility, click here. All information found below is from the IRS. For the latest information on Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments visit here. How much is the third Economic Impact Payment? Those eligible will automatically receive an […]

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Credit Cards? When is it time to sign up?

credit card

Have you lived your life envisioning your first credit card? That first credit card is a big deal. A credit card can be an excellent tool when building and developing a credit history. We have a couple reasons why a credit card can be right for you and one reason why you might choose to […]

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National Financial Awareness Day

financial awareness day

In some households saying the F word is a massive problem. No, not that F word. In some homes when the word finance is brought up, get the soap. Taking your finances serious and talking about them can make them feel less daunting. In the United States debt is skyrocketing. Taking a few steps and […]

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We still are collecting coins!

ditch the change jar

Don’t forget we are still collecting coins! There is no fee for non-UCB customers who would like to use our coin machine! To find the nearest UCB Bank branch visit here!    

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