January 2024

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Ready, Set, Budget!

Let’s demystify budgeting with a simple spreadsheet template designed for you! This example uses Google Sheets, but you can adapt it to any spreadsheet software (like Excel). If this seems hard, United Community has a tool inside our digital banking called, MyMoney! It’s a valuable way to stay on top of all your budgeting needs! […]

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Budgeting Basics: Conquer Your Finances in 2024

Juggling career goals, social lives, and independence can be exhilarating, but it can also feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to managing your finances. Fear not, this post is your crash course in budgeting, designed to help you save money, avoid debt, and build a solid financial foundation for your future self! Step 1: Track […]

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Budget Hacks for Financial Freedom

Ready to claim financial freedom in 2024? This post is your ultimate guide to saving that sweet cash and slaying the debt dragon in 2024. No magic spells required, just some smart tips and tricks you can use right now. Budgeting Basics: First things first, you gotta know where your money’s going. Download a budgeting […]

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