United Community Bank response to stay at home order

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Dear United Community Bank Customer,

We are taking as many precautions as we can during these incredibly trying times. At United Community Bank, nothing is more important to us then the safety of our employees, our customers, and our community. With everything that is happening, we will be making some changes to our day-to-day operations. We have already closed down our Central Market Branch and will leave that branch closed until further notice. We will be cycling smaller work groups through the office in order to limit contamination amongst employees. Finally we have enabled a number of our employees to work from home.

A few things we are asking of our customers during these times are:

  1. We are accustomed to doing business face-to-face but during this time we need to be smart and creative. We ask that you conduct as much business as possible through our mobile app on your smart phone or use our online banking. You may also call our office during normal business hours.
  2. Our drive-up lanes will be open normal hours at Perham Main, Dent and Frazee.
  3. If there is a need to set up an appointment inside the bank, please respect us by maintaining a safe distance between yourself and our employees
  4. Please do not take offense if we do not shake your hand or if we maintain or distance, we are only trying to keep all of us safe during these trying times.
  5. Also, if you are a small business owner or know someone who is a small business owner, we have set up a database that has information for you. There are programs available to help during these times and we are more than willing to assist in any way we can.

As a reminder, your money is safe and secure and backed by the US Federal Government. There is no need to make large withdrawals or to empty and close your bank accounts. Once the cash leaves your account, it is no longer guaranteed in the event of a catastrophe.

We want everyone to stay safe during these times and know that we are so proud to be your Community Bank. No matter what happens, we will be here and help you through, just like we have done since 1911.

Yours Truly,

United Community Bank