Tips to help local businesses

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With so many people staying home and continuing to live life without leaving their neighborhood, helping out our neighbors has taken on a new meaning.  Some of our neighbors that may be needing help is our local business owners. Over 30 million local businesses are owned in the United States. On average 1 in 12 local businesses will close before one year of operation.

Small businesses are more important than ever for keeping our communities vibrant. For every dollar spent, .67 cents stays in our communities. These days with the mandatory closing of restaurants and other local shops, they need our help.

Here are a few things we can all do to help:

  1. Order Takeout.
  1. Buy a gift card
  • Gift card purchases have been on the rise in recent years. With some businesses having their doors closed, gift cards are a unique way to inject cash into a local store. Money from a gift card is like a bond. They can use the money you spent on that gift card towards operating expenses while providing the good or service later. Gift cards are not a perfect solution but they are a nice way to shop local.  This year maybe grab a few birthday presents or start Christmas shopping early with a gift card.
  1. Shop locally, online!
  • Many local stores are now online! They boast wonderful brick and mortar locations that line our main streets but Many have stayed with the times and shifted their products and services to the internet. So next time you need shop online, try and find it locally, and order it from one of our local merchants.
  1. Leave a review!
  • With the downturn, our extra savings might go to covering our own bills. If that is the case, leave a nice review for a local business. Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Bing reviews go a long way towards businesses being found near the top of searches when consumers seek out products they offer. Once everything returns to normal, help them be found and leave a nice review!

Minnesota is routinely one of the top states in the country when it comes to small businesses. With everything that is happening they need us now more then ever. Help by paying our businesses a visit, shop online, buy a gift card, and leave a great review! If you are a small business owner and struggling,  United Community Bank can help!

In the end it is all about neighbors helping neighbors and we will all get through this by working together as a community!