How to pay and avoid person to person contact?

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There is no doubt that we are taking more precautions now due to COVID 19. Some of those precautions include wearing masks, staying home, and social distancing. We sterilize our hands, homes and vehicles but one thing we don’t think about is our debit cards or our cash!

Cash picks up thousands of microbes as it passes from hand to hand and we are supposed to limit person to person contact. Luckily, we have other ways to pay for our everyday essential items and still avoid person to person contact.

Below are a few ways to limit contact and person to person interaction while paying for our items at the store:

Mobile Wallet:

It has been found that the less contact we have is better at slowing the spread of the COVID 19 virus. While it is nearly impossible to limit our contact 100 percent, we can take steps to cut back on our interaction. One solution is by paying with mobile apps. At UCB you can align your debit card and checking account so it is accessible on a mobile wallet. Paying with your smart phone would limit all contact when you are conducting a transaction. We should mention that even though you are not exchanging a card, cash, or touching a key pad in this transaction, our cell phones are not clean.

Debit Cards:

Debit cards are another fantastic way to buy your essential items during the COVID 19 outbreak, while still avoiding person to person interaction.  Some retailers are wearing gloves and not touching your card during the transaction. The problem is when you swipe or insert your debit card, you don’t know how many other cards have been in contact with that machine. Another major problem is when you have to insert your pin or sign your name to complete the transaction. Even though the process isn’t perfect, using hand sanitizer or washing your hands right after checkout and avoiding your eyes, nose and mouth will help keep you safe.


Cash should be the last option when it comes to avoiding interaction and practicing safe social distant rules. Cash by nature travels person to person and hand to hand. Our money is a cesspool and we should try and limit how often we need to touch paper bills.

New research is coming out about COVID 19 and scientists are now realizing the strain is hardier than originally thought. The virus can live between a few hours and a few days on a multitude of surfaces. Stay safe, stay home, slow the spread but if you do need to go out and make some purchases, use some common sense and avoid contact as much as possible!

Other ways to limit contact and still do your banking:

Digital Banking

P2P Payment

Mobile Deposit