Spending Limit Increase

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United Community Bank is proud to launch a brand new feature to our account holders. If you have a personal debit card, business account, HELOC, or HSA you can now, temporarily for 30 minutes, raise your spending limit to $7,500 dollars.

To set up this service all you have to do is log into Digital Banking or use the UCB App! This new feature will allow people to make a larger purchase with their personal card and not worry about it being declined!

Here is how you do it!

  1. Log into Digital Banking

Iphone/Ipad app

Android App


  1. Find and click “Manage Cards” on the menu bar on the left side of the screen.


3. Select the card you would like to increase your limit


4. Select the card and then select “Request Spending Limit Increase”


  1. Confirm you want to raise the spending limit!


  1. That is it! Once your 30 minute window is up your spending limit will drop to its original limit:
Account Type Original Purchase Limit ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit
Personal Debit $1000 $500
Business Debit $2500 $500
HELOC $5000
HSA $1000

Ready to get started? Download the app!

Iphone/Ipad app

Android App