Keeping your money in a bank

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Why is your money safe in a bank? It’s a question that needs to be asked. There are many reasons why your money is safe at a bank but most of them can be boiled down to these reasons:

When you use a bank account:

  • Your money can be insured against loss up to $250,000 and many banks offer products that can provide additional protection
  • Your money can gain interest, depending on the type of account you set up
  • Your money is protected from unauthorized electronic transactions carried out, for example, by someone who has stolen your identity
  • You can use banking services to conveniently transfer money
  • You can take advantage of electronic bill pay services to efficiently pay bills instead of mailing payments
  • You may use alerts and other tools to help you track your money, keep an eye on your spending habits and improve your budget

Using a bank has many advantages and these are just a few! Wondering how UCB can help? Visit here to learn all about our digital banking options and how they can make banking easy!

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