10 cow facts for cow appreciation day!

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cow appreciation day

July 11th is cow appreciation day and we love cows! Here’s 10 facts to celebrate one of our favorite animals!

  1. Cows were domesticated over 10,000 years ago. Cows are decedents of wild aurochs, which went extinct in the 1600s. 
  2. There are over 800 breeds of cattle in the world!
  3. Cows rarely sleep. They may sit and lay down for over 14 hours a day, they rarely sleep longer then four hours in a day.  
  4. Cows have 32 teeth, and can spend up to eight hours a day chewing!
  5. Cows do not have fours stomachs. Rather, they have one stomach with four compartments that help with digestion. 
  6. Cows can live as long as 20 years!
  7. Minnesota produces about 3% of the US beef supply.
  8. Minnesota is home to over 460,000 dairy cows.
  9. Minnesota cows help produce 9.5 billion pounds of milk and 657 million pounds of cheese!
  10. Finally, Ottertail County is home to about 330 dairy farms. We’re proud to support our farmers! If you have any questions on how UCB can help your agriculture operation, reach out to one of our Ag Lenders. Learn more about UCB and how we can help your farm grow.