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How to Earn Prizes

Make a minimum $10 deposit each month and receive a prize for every four months completed. Then, complete your entire tracker to be eligible for the big drawing of a kids tablet and case! Trackers will be mailed to all Moola participants annually in December, or see a banker for more information.

Money Games

Try out one of these fun money games from TreasuryDirect Kids.

Play Money Memory game Play Perry's Pennies game

See How Money Is Made

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Dear Parents,

The last day in April is National Teach Children to Save Day. Help us celebrate all year long by teaching your kids smart saving and spending habits. Start today by talking about needs vs. wants, setting savings goals, and other age-appropriate topics.

Did you know?
  • Teaching kids to save also teaches them self control
  • Kids who save are more likely to go to college
  • Only 25% of teens think they will be financially independent from their parents by age 25-27
  • Children's savings accounts are great way to set your child up for financial learning and success! Learn more about our Moola account.

Plus, remember to bring your kids into the bank with you. We are here to answer your child's questions, provide convenient products and services, and guide them through financial changes in their life.

-Your Friends at UCB

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