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Round UP Savings (RUS)

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Start Saving Money With RUS!

How it works?

Ready to start saving better? Whatever your savings goals are: house, emergency fund, or a trip, Round Up Savings or RUS is a perfect way to begin the process of saving money. When saving money, a little bit can go a long way!


Step 1: Sign Up!

All you need is a United Community Bank Checking Account, UCB Debit card and another UCB Bank account for us to round UP your savings into! Need to sign up for a second account? Do it online!

Need a debit card? We print those at our Main Branch in downtown Perham and our Frazee Branch!

Ready to sign up for RUS?

Sign UP Now!

Debit card

Step 2: Start Swiping!

Every time you swipe your card we will round up that purchase to the nearest dollar!

We do all the work!

All you have to do is keep making your normal day

to day purchases using your United Community Bank Debit Card.

Did we mention we offer mobile wallet for touch free transactions?

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Step 3: Start Saving!

$22.35 on gas?

  • .65 cents goes to your savings!

$5.48 on coffee and a scone?

  • .52 cents into savings!

52.28 on dinner?

  • .72 cents right into savings!

Did all that in 1 day? $1.89 saved!

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Saving money is hard.

With the cost of life, putting a few bucks away is growing more and more complicated.

With United Community Banks Round Up Savings program, we try to even the odds.

The best part, with the United Community Bank app, you have the control to watch your savings grow and to transfer your money between accounts!

All without coming to a bank!

Are you ready?



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How much could you save?

Fill up the car!

Gas Station visits:

45.35 to fill your car= We round up .82 cents to your savings.

You fill your car up 80 times in a year.

80 gas station trips x .65 (your round up)= $52.00 a year in your savings!

gas pump rus

Love your coffee?

Coffee 4 Days a week!

1 Coffee=$2.18=.82 to your savings account!

$.82 x 4 x 52= $170.56 a year in your savings!

RUS coffee cup

Go out for lunch!

Lunch 1 Day a week!

1 Lunch=$12.22=.88 to your savings account!

$.88 x 1 x 52= $45.76 a year in your savings!

rus restaurant

Ready to start saving and RETIRE THE PIGGY BANK?

  1. Get signed up with a United Community Bank Checking+Savings Account! Sign UP here!
  2. Make sure you download the UCB app. It’s free, and allows you to track your savings!
  3. Start making purchases with your UCB Debit Card. The same purchases you already make!
  4. Rack up the savings!
  5. Do something fun!

Start Saving Today

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