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quilo personal loans for all of the unexpected costs and burdens of life.


Step 1. Complete Approval Application

Apply for a loan by submitting a few details about yourself and verifying your identity.

Step 2. Customize Your Loan

Select the loan amount and monthly payment that works for you.

Step 3. Confirm your loan

Review and confirm your loan. For disbursement to a debit card, up to $2,500 typically becomes available within minutes; credit card payoff typically posting on the second business day.

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Can I change my debit card payment method?

Yes! If your debit card expires or you need to change your account information, you can do it right in your Quilo portal!

  1. Log into Quilo web app.
  2. Add new debit card/checking account using “Profile” menu or go to the Loan page and then click on “Change Payment Method.”
  3. Add the account/card details.
  4. Once your new account has been verified, go to “Loan Info” -> Change payment method –> Choose the newly added card. Delete the old card/account as needed {In case of changing to a new account)